In 2001, R’ Meir Simcha Bakst, R’ Herschel Blumenfeld and R’ Yosef Blumenfeld created a daycamp known as Yeshivas Hakayitz of Detroit. In 2008, using the foundation of Yeshivas Hakayitz, R’ Yosef Blumenfeld took the camp to another level by creating Camp Marom, an overnight camp.


At Camp Marom our goal is to provide our campers with a rejuvenating summer experience through uplifting, stimulating learning and thrilling, adventurous activities in a Torah environment. Gedolim and mechanchim agree that a good summer leads to a productive year. At Camp Marom where every camper belongs to our family, we make sure that the summer experience is one that leads to that productive next year.


At Camp Marom we want our campers to realize and develop the talents buried inside each and every one in addition to reinforcing their awareness and sensitivities to others. Our activities encourage campers to take a step out of their “comfort zone” to realize this potential. These skills will extend way beyond the end of the camp season.

Action packed bein-hazmanim in a relaxed Torah'dik environment

Experience the summer of a lifetime!

Summer 2018 Application

To request an application, please email applications@campmarom.com.